30+ Alternatives to College or University

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30+ Alternatives to College or University, Unfortunately, college doesn’t teach creativity, innovation, or passion. You’ll have to find those elsewhere.

I’m not against attending college or university. I Promise. I think that if you are excited about certain trades (doctor, lawyer, engineer, computer science) then college is the right investment of your time and energy.

But I also believe there are many paths forward and that a 4-year university is not a one size fits all answer for everyone.

If you are questioning the next steps for you or your children, use this guide as a resource to get some ideas. See the possibilities of what you can spend a year doing.

At the end of 12 months, you can always plan to attend college if it still makes sense for you.

And you can do it with a clear head that you’re making the right decision.

Not that you’re just following the crowd or doing what you’re ‘supposed to do next.’

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