INTRO to UiPath Lifecycle: analyse, build, test

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INTRO to UiPath Lifecycle: analyse, build, test, Accelerate your career! Business Analyst guide INTRO: Robotic Process Automation lifecycle.

Robotic process automation is said to be the newest gold rush. If your company has started investing in robotic process automation technology this is great news.  But if not, you’re employer may already be a fair way behind many of your competitors – which means your company is dying.

If you’re in a company that isn’t very far down the RPA road, this most definitely presents an excellent opportunity to you!

We’ll look at:

  • What is RPA and it’s benefits
  • What are the Myths and Challenges
  • Our approach to identify, assess and prioritise RPA opportunities
  • How to develop a bot in UiPath
  • How to UATAfter you’ve finished it will be time to take the full course: Analyst guide of UiPath and Automation Anywhere Lifecycle (see our Instructor profile for our courses)

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