Step by Step Method to Solve Transportation Model Numerical

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Step by Step Method to Solve Transportation Model Numerical, Tips and Tricks to Solve Transportation Model Numericals.

Welcome to this Course on “Step by Step Method to Solve Transportation Model Numericals“. In this course you will Learn the tricks of Solving Transportation Numericals in Operation Research. This course is for the students of Mechanical Engineering, MBA, BBA and anyone willing to learn Operation Research or Optimization Techniques.

After completing this course you will be able to solve any Transportation Problem by using following techniques (all of them)

  1. North-West Corner Method (NWCM)
  2. Least Cost Method  or Minima Matrix Method (L.C.M)
  3. Vogel’s Approximation Method (V.A.M)

At the beginning of the course concepts of transportation model will be explained along with its applications.

Later precise and simple tricks will be shared with you to solve the Transportation Numericals.

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